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We Manage your Campaign

Sending a campaign to your entire list, or divide your list into groups and segment by interest, location, or activity. RSS‑to‑Email and Autoresponders allow you to create automated campaigns. Add Social Sharing buttons to your template, QR Codes or share a link to the web version of your campaign.

Reporting & Analytics

Ranger reports tell you who’s opening, clicking, and coming back for more. They’re available for iPhone and Android too. Tweet Trends gives you insight into your subscribers’ activity on Twitter, and our Google Analytics integration gives you advanced stats on how your campaigns affect traffic to your website.

Ranger Email Marketer Screen Shots

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Welcome ScreenWelcome Screen
View contact activity over the last seven days, ensure you are running the latest version ofEmail Marketer Pro, or read popular articles and tips.
HelpHelp Topics
View tutorials and articles on functionality and improving your email marketing results.
Contact ListsContact Lists
View, add and edit your lists of contacts or leads.
View or search for subscribers across one list or all of your contact lists at once.
Edit ContactEdit Contact
Update details of a selected contact.
Domain ManagerEmail Campaigns
View or edit your existing email campaigns.
Create Email CampaignCreate Email Campaign
Create a new email campaign which you can then send to your contacts.
Create Custom FieldsCreate Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to store contact information about your subscribers such as name and phone number.
Send Email CampaignSend Email Campaign
Send an existing email campaign to you contact lists.
Email StatisticsEmail Statistics

View reports for each email campaign you’ve sent, see who opened your email, who clicked a link in the email, and who unsubscribed from your contact list.

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