Greensboro you need a complete new City Council. Also filing to run in District 1 were Felton Foushee and Timothy Kirkpatrick. Wilkins is a strong supporter of the Greensboro Police Department, unlike Thurm who voted to turn down a grant for the Police Department from the Justice Department the city had been receiving for years. I am proud to say that I am also able to advocate for small businesses having owned a small, independently owned business for 22 years. Certainly, the most intriguing candidate in the race is Robert, who was born in Lyon, France, and raised in France and Gabon in West Africa. While we are talking, how about you too Nancy? City Council races are nonpartisan, but there is not a single Republican or conservative on the City Council. I understand the balance of investing for the future and making fiscally sound decisions. That may be a mildword to describe a worsening situation. Filter by Office. I believe in starting where we are using what we have to do what we can will result in doing far more with our current dollars by being creative and responsible on behalf of the people of Greensboro. My goal for Greensboro is to beasafe city,with an increase in quality jobs, increasing housing inventoryfor all incomes, providingequal resourcesforallcitizens, and continuing to make strategic investments in which to promote quality of life. That we become aware, on mass, of the true history of our country, from Nov. 22, 1963, to now. The Rhino has had a long tradition of providing news in Guilford County. Yes that is a county service but they are dispatched to city police. Former District 5 City Councilmember Tony Wilkins and Robert Bodenhamer also filed to run for the District 5 seat. Dont vote for who Facebook tells you to vote for. Ph: (336) 763-4170 He is currently suing the city and Vaughan over a public records request, and in 2015, he sued the city over redevelopment money. Its because the work is not finished. Toss em all out! 216 W. Market Street, Suite-A, He can do it now, but he isnt. Matheny was an active and effective city councilmember when he served. CITY COUNCIL. This all happened shortly after the Greensboro riots in 2020, when everyone was jumping on the police are racists bandwagon. Required fields are marked *. Marikay is a . What a high wire act that is. The City of Greensboro is governed by a Council-Manager form of government. Remember who broke it when you vote. Affordability of housing continues to be a problem in Guilford County. The difference between home care and domestic violence is one group needed someone to care for them with activities of daily living due to old age or physical disability to care for themselves. Contact Richard M. Barron at 336-373-7371 and follow @BarronBizNR on Twitter. We need rental housing that isnt 50% plus of our income, more houses that are at a price point where people can afford to buy them, and a chance for more people to gain equity in a racially biased banking system. : police, Guilford school board bill grows in Senate committee, Robinson to deliver GOP rebut to State of State, Measure aims to nix literacy test from NC Constitution, Robinson: NC is destination state for death, NC could help families in fight against corporate, NC lawmakers to vote on sports betting bill this, VIDEO: NC students almost hit by car passing school, Chick-fil-A data breach; special directions in NC, Keep an eye out for hellbender, mudpuppy salamanders, Man sentenced to 10-13 years in W-S murder, drug, Ft. Bragg soldier charged in romance, COVID scams, 4 arrested after chase from WS to Kernersville: WSPD, Woman charged for Chewy warehouse bomb threat, Residents pleading after 105 accidents on 1 NC road, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Assist the police department in recruiting officers to fill vacancies that are having a substantial impact on the amount of patrol officers we have on a daily basis. Ten candidates have filed to run for an at-large seat on the Greensboro City Council, and the top six candidates will be on the ballot for the July 26 general election. Evan -Metro 911 center is run by the city not the county. A primary was scheduled for May 17, 2022. Police officers were adamantly opposed, noting that there is already police body cam video footage of the person consenting and officers are required to fill out a form about the consent after it is given. But Kennedy said at the time that her experience in housing the homeless as director of the Interactive Resource Center made the job a logical step in her career and that the position was open to anybody who wanted to apply. I am confident that my vision ofGo B.I.G. TAMMI Z. THURM: During my first term, I advocated for written consent. and it's 572 members will be endorsing your 2021 campaign for The Greensboro City Council. A top priority is ensuring all residents have safe and secure housing. I decided at that time to become more involved in our city, and I started learning everything I could about how our city functions. Need your vote to remove the current city council and mayor. ZACK MATHENY: I have lived, worked, and served in District 3 for over 20 years. Just like Just Sayin said, take a look at your quality of life now, and vote smart. Invest in and partner with others to enhance young peoples workforce development initiatives, so helping to reduce violence. Rather than do some hybrid election calendar, the city decided to adopt this schedule. The winners. The inaugural class of the City of Greensboro's . Throw the bums out. The issues that face us will require negotiation, deliberation, and compromise to resolve these issues that confront our city. TRACY FURMAN: We are a beautiful city and need growth to sustain our character and continue to offer opportunity to everyone who lives here. ZACK MATHENY: Greensboro is experiencing tremendous growth with new jobs such as ToyotaandBoom and Im confident the list will continue to grow. I have heard the voices and cries of the community. For those who did participate we present here their lightly edited responses, broken down by the districts and in alphabetical order. And we can continue to be led by someone who didnt support or fought against the things you are saying were basic. However, since that time, we have been able to build a very positive working . Portia Shipman, Latoya Bernice Gathers and Cecile (CC) Crawford also filed to run in District 2. Filing for the July 26 City Council election closed Friday, March 4 at noon, so voters finally know who is and isnt running for City Council in what should have been the 2021 election. I respect your opinion but there is no way I am voting for mayor Vaughan or throwing away my vote by not voting. TAMMI Z. THURM: I am proud of my work on Greensboros first permanent supportive housing project with wrap-around services. There was a problem saving your notification. Outling has to be recused from voting on either project because he is a partner in the Brooks Pierce law firm, which did legal work on both. Both Outling and Vaughan give a lot of double talk, especially in an election year. Print Feedback. I have continued that work since joining City Council and would be honored to have the opportunity to be re-elected to another term to continue to drive positive impacts on behalf of the citizens of Greensboro. Keep looking and hopeing. Box 9023 He is a councilman, why not push for them now? Greensboro, NC 27401 My Go B.I.G. A primary was scheduled for May 17, 2022. Barber was a sitting council member in 2017 when he was narrowly defeated by Kennedy for one of three at-large seats. I firmly believe that if you begin a task, you should never leave it until it is completed. Our city spent time and our money refusing to admit any responsibility for Marcus death. To find out which city council member represents your district, visit The three incumbents are Councilmembers Yvonne Johnson, Marikay Abuzuaiter and Hugh Holston. Any proposal put forth by Outling is not taken up by the mayor. GREENSBORO, NC- During the week of April 20th, several media outlets, including The Rhino Times, reported that citizen advocate and Mayoral Candidate Eric Robert had filed a civil complaint in superior court pursuant to the North Carolina Public Records Law, Chapter 132 of the General Statutes seeking to compel the City of Greensboro to disclose public records under North Carolina Law. I have organized around housing, healthcare and mental health safety with local and national organizations. We need to convene critical conversation forums on social justice and racial equity by bringing together the various community players who need to be heard and who also need to listen. Robert noted: Again, this lawsuit is not just about the Gun Shows, it is about the systemic corruption manifested by the deceptive and fraudulent maneuvers employed by Mayor Nancy Vaughan, with the complicity of city staff. , Guilford County Health Department leaders looks at, Family shot in head at Florida home: sheriff, Infants death linked to contaminated breast pump,, Winston-Salem woman is typewriter wordsmith, Man charged with murder after bodies found in NC, Woman arrested after 9 puppies found in trash bag, 4 charged after assault, stabbing in Burl. They wanted that class to have 40 people in it. A primary is scheduled for May 17, 2022. No supportive of our police department, giving our tax dollars ( 100s of thousands) to other council members for projects with NO accountability to the citizens of Greensboro. I have decided to instead support Outling. Best smart home devices for older users, according, How to get started on spring cleaning early, according, Worried about your student using ChatGPT for homework? District 2 has a lot of people who are left out of these decisions too often Black people, immigrants and those seeking refuge, poor and working-class people, and middle-class people who all deserve a seat at the table. For example the $120 million on the performing arts center, for that kind of money we could have built something architecturally stunning that the nation would have taken notice of. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. However, the City Council has no political diversity. I wish we can find ways to continuously support our neighbors in all successes. Zack Matheny should be ranked in the same category as Nancy Vaughn when he elected to represent District 3 years ago he did nothing for us except then lobby to run DGI. Cummings resignation agreement was accepted, ending the investigation, but part of the agreement was that he would never run for a judicial office again. Again, we have a long road ahead of us in the area of justice inequality. All Outling has to do is get 4 other votes behind the scenes (like they always do) and make a motion. Those winners move on to the citys General Election, which will be on July 26, the runoff date for any partisan elections. The participation and representation of all citizens in democratic institutions and processes is essential to democracy. This was all supposed to happen in 2021 as part of the regular cycle for municipal elections, but then there was that census issue, which delated population counts, which delayed the ability to draw the lines for the citys five electoral districts. 2021 Work Plan; ARPA Information; 2021 Reparations Referendum; Planning & Community Development Projects; City Budget; . It is the third-most populous city in North Carolina after Charlotte and Raleigh, the 69th-most populous city in the United States, and the largest city in the Piedmont Triad metropolitan region. The two incumbent candidates (Nancy and Justin) had their chance and have done nothing but spend other peoples money indiscriminately and wastefully. In other words, Evan, ask your councilmembers to stop making token gestures and to actually do something that makes enough of difference to make a difference. I will continue to be a voice for the voiceless. DUSTIN KEENE: While there are many issues facing our city, I believe affordable housing may be the biggest. Fax: (336) 763-2585, P.O. You suggest that he is unwilling to be supportive of the police when it goes against the tide, but I recall him voting for a supportive federal grant for the police when the council voted against it for political reasons. She served on the City Council from 2005 to 2009, when she did not run for reelection. Greensboro will need to govern to accommodate new housing stockfor the entire community (regardless of income) and an increased need forpublic safety,allwhile appropriately managing the budget. Some projects have been started that havent been completed, and there are plans being made that havent been fully developed., Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Former County Commissioner Steve Arnold Enters District 2 Commissioners Race, Next Countywide Revaluation May Be Here Sooner Than You Think. Tony Wilkins for Council 2022. Faculty members in the Humanities Department value collegiality; candidates for a Humanities Department position must be willing to work in alignment with a team of teachers. there was that census issue, which delated population counts. Get the Android Weather app from Google Play, Tom Sizemore, Saving Private Ryan actor, dies at, Man hit, killed in W-S on Peters Creek Parkway: police, Prayer against violence event happening in W-S Saturday, Search underway for driver after NC children almost, Potential for damaging winds as storms roll through, WATCH: Snowboarder escapes narrowly avalanche, Storms to sweep through NC, isolated tornado possible, DCs cherry blossoms are confused, arriving early, WWE Monday Night Raw is coming to Greensboro, A sweet tradition at First Presbyterian Church, How the North Carolina Zoo is introducing their lions, NC family bakes bread to help earthquake victims, Bojangles giving away free sausage biscuits on Friday, Swing State with Mark Walker & Odell Cleveland, SCOTUS asks to be briefed about whats going on with, Michael Steele on Marjorie Taylor Greene: Just shut, North Carolina bills aim to protect cultural regalia, Fla. bill would make bloggers register, face fines, Federal workers told to delete TikTok from devices, Thomas Martens, Molly Corbett trial moved to Forsyth, Some fear Nazi banners, power grid attack connected, Video about NC substation attack shared in Md plot, FBI offering $25k for info for NC substation attacks, HPU fires head mens basketball coach G.G. I am running because I want people who are just trying to make it, to have a seat at the table when decisions are being made about the citys priorities. We were unable, because of legal reasons, to share with the public what was going on between the city and his family. Justin Outling was one of them. ZACK MATHENY: Greensboro is experiencing tremendous growth from work being done over the last 10 years. Box 9023 On November 15, 2018, the last printed edition of the Rhino Times came off the presses leaving the world of print journalism behind and moving into the future with an e-paper. 00:03 . We must operate for the greater good of everyone. Do you notice the only ones in the social drinking district are the ones that pay dues to DGI? CECILE CC CRAWFORD: I am running for City Council because I want people to be able to afford a safe and decent place to live, because there are too many people who work hard and do not bring home enough money to take care of themselves and their families, and because the violence in this city is not going to stop until we address the root causes. She has opposed developments because they were too expensive and not expensive enough. DUSTIN KEENE: At this point in my life my focus is on growth and contribution. Furman, who is running for a set on the council in the next election, scheduled for March 2022, is a member of the Minimum Housing Standards Commission. I will demand, and on the council will demand a RUCO 2 revision. Vaughan has three challengers by herself. Bellamy-Small, who is a Guilford County Board of Education member, joins 46 other candidates who will be considered Tuesday at a special meeting of the Greensboro City Council. We will need to feed and house people. What about Mary Kay or Nancy Hoffman? The city has the ability to pay all city workers livable wages and recently approved the step plan with a base salary of $15/hr. Sure he and council voted for a token raise in an election year so people like yourself would say, See, hes pro-police. Well, it wasnt enough of a difference to make a difference as evidenced by GPDs current police academy, which is sporting a whopping 18 cadets. I have been inside those homes. City Council candidates listed below in order of filing. I am so disillusioned with the leaders of Greensboro that I will do one of two things. Stay up-to-date on the latest in local and national government and political topics with our newsletter. Greensboro can adopt a resolution where all people are treated fairly during a confrontation with the police. Both would provide some needed diversity of opinion on the very liberal City Council. District 2 City Councilmember Goldie Wells filed to run for reelection. District 3 has no incumbent in the race since Outling is running for mayor. Also, during the time period you are referring to I recall Justin getting a salary increase for police and more hires passed when others did not want that. The filing deadline for this election was . We were following the law. Voters in that district will make their choice July 26. Four candidates have filed to run in the mayoral race: Mayor Nancy Vaughan, District 3 Councilmember Justin Outling, Eric Robert and Mark Timothy Cummings. District 5 City Councilmember Tammi Thurm filed to run for reelection. 1998 - 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. I feel investing with our collective funds to provide sustainable residual income opportunities for our city is key as opposed to just giving huge sums of money to people who do not pay back their loans nor deserve free money in the form of grants for ideas that are never going to work and only benefits one or few individuals. DUSTIN KEENE: I feel we overpay for underdelivering a lot. I will demand a return to our rights in the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. Kennedys departure rankled some in and out of city government, who said her unexplained resignation followed by a day of silence from the city before announcing her new job, raised questions about the secrecy of her appointment to the professional city position. Your email address will not be published. I believe City Council and real estate developer should work together. I have been on my bathroom floor, with my hand over my mouth so my children couldnt hear me crying, trying to figure out where we would be able to live. There was no accountability on the part of the City Council, or the police. Website: . Neighborhoods where neighbors know each other. MARIKAY ABUZUAITER: Having been on the Greensboro City Council since 2011, I want to continue being part of the Greensboro City Council as I am able to advocate for the issues I am passionate about public safety, economic development and our infrastructure/transportation. I have also served in various leadership roles in community organizations allowing me to create the experience necessary to listen and lead while building a better Greensboro. Just remember on your number 2 if you dont vote youre giving the person who wins your vote because you didnt vote against the winner. It is almost a certainty that Thurm and Wilkins will be facing each other in the general election on July 26. Hightower is also one of the impediments to development in East Greensboro. In 2005, I was appointed to the Zoning Commission, where I was able to work closely with city staff and the community. I want to work towards: BILL MARSHBURN: To protect the individual citizens rights. Be careful what you wish for. In the at-large City Council race, the top six finishers in the primary regardless of party affiliation run in the general election where the top three are elected to the City Council. The primary for the City Council election will be held on Tuesday, May 17 along with the statewide primary, and all the City Council races except the District 4 race will have primaries. In Eugene, Oregon, where the program started, they had 24,000 CAHOOTS calls and only needed police backup 150 times. MARIKAY ABUZUAITER: Issues facing Greensboro for the next four years are reducing crime, increasing our housing stock, keeping our infrastructure sound and keeping the momentum going on our recent economic development successes and supplying the trained workforce for the businesses that are locating here. We do this through public transportation that supports all parts of the city, parks and a parks and rec system that offer great programs and beautiful spaces, homes that everyone can afford, and jobs that pay wages so that people do not need two or three jobs to make ends meet. Posted by John Hammer | May 4, 2022 | News. Public safety must have a multipronged approach, and written consent is one step in making Greensboro a safe city for all of us. I believe in the residents of Greensboro, and I want to make sure we get there. My unique experience as a restaurant owner certainly helped me become an involved city council person who brings common sense to all of my decisions. I really want to put a Ferris wheel downtown as a major city attraction. Dont even blindly vote for who The Rhino tells you to vote for. Posted by John Hammer | Mar 4, 2022 | News. We need to get our road, public transportation, housing, and business opportunities up to speed before these companies open. [1] [2] I am a proven servant leader, she said in her application, I am committed to service.. I do have to ask one question: How has Kennedy stayed out of federal prison? Robinson is the first black candidate elected to the office of North Carolina lieutenant governor. The email address Lisa Wilson had provided did not work. But the announcement of the Toyota battery plant coming to the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite and Boom Supersonic coming to the Piedmont Triad International Airport has turned the tables and given Vaughan a campaign issue. There is no need for him to wait until he is mayor to make a motion or propose a change. The second group needed emergency help, shelter and protection because of someone elses negligence. TRACY FURMAN: I would like to pause theReceivership Program that wasput in place from a consent agenda vote in August 2020 until some of the vagueness and process can be ironed out. . Hightower regularly interrupts fellow councilmembers and Mayor Nancy Vaughan. Name recognition is a big part of elections and its hard to find a local politician with better name recognition than Vaughan. It sounds as though the request was for a work session to ensure that the process the 911 operators use is as helpful to officers as possible in solving the crime. 449 likes. You seem to be a pro-police voter, which is good, but Outling does not share your point of view: Outling is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Sign up for our newsletter to keep reading. I have proactively, and successfully, engaged the residents and business communities of Greensboro from my service on boards and commissions, my commitment to community service and my business career, he wrote in his application. But, to live in our city we need more. Supporting the police at this point, who are over 100 officers down, would be increasing pay so that they beat small towns like Graham and Chapel Hill (start at $50,000), take home cars like everyone else in the state, and better incentives. They were moved to 2022 due to redistricting delays. Vaughn wish- washy, Outling- says one thing does another? I believe we have better choices. Mayor Nancy Vaughan said Friday that some of the candidates dont live within the city limits, so they will be disqualified. We also need to develop a public transit system that connects our city and drives residents to want to use the transit system, instead of having to use it. BILL MARSHBURN: My best wishes and prayers are that we asa people become aware, hopefully through self-education, more than through stark harsh reality. Share & Bookmark Share & Bookmark, Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option. From Sept. 11, 2001, to now. The Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved its first official Minority Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) policy and procedure manual. If you do nothing else, go vote! If he cannot get the votes after being on council for years then how is he going to get them as mayor. LATOYA BERNICE GATHERS: I have served as treasurer of Triad Pride Performing Arts and on the Guilford County Planning Commission Board. District 3 is considered one of the more conservative council districts and had always been represented by a white Republican, but Outling, a black Democrat, has won by wide margins in both elections. We do not currently have a reputation as being business friendly. She said in her application that she supports police and businesses and wants to get help for the homeless. Since you are the big Outling supporter get him to put on the table what he would do to attract new people to the police department. For instance, he simply asked for a copy of the contract with the International Civil Rights Center and Museum regarding a $1.5 million loan. Over the last 10 years I have had the honor of collaborating with my colleagues on many initiatives and endeavors. Until the community at large can trust the police, fear will prevail on both sides. Big whoop. Box Address The entire city council, including the mayor need to be replace, once and for all. That makes a lot of sense to me (especially given the fact that 911 is a county service and not a city one or part of the police force). Greensboro, NC 27429, Advertising That was scheduled for March, but then you know how the court fight over congressional and state legislative maps delayed it all again. TONY WILKINS: See response to the second question. This will lead to crime by people needing food and shelter, particularly for families. That link is to the City of Greensboro website because Guilford Metro 911 is a city department. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 2. At that time, Local 947 did not support her candidacy. Questions? Thank you for pointing me towards learning more about this issue. You have permission to edit this article. Hightower talks more at meetings than any other city councilmember, and generally says the same thing over and over again. Her term ends after the next election in early 2022., Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. HUGH HOLSTON: I am running for GSO City Council because I am a problem solver, not a politician. But it damaged the perception of the councils honesty and transparency which takes time to rebuild. Mayoral candidates Ray Basaldua Frank Adam Muniz Tim Atwood Denise Gutierrez-Homer Ron Nirenberg * Gary Allen J. L Miller Michael "Commander" Idrogo Greg Brockhouse Antonio "Tony" Diaz Dan Martinez Justin Macaluso Joshua James Galvan John M. Velasquez reaper 2 zanpakuto rarity list, conan exiles bronze bar,

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